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Here is some useful information for your stay:

My phone number is +351937910353 or +351917768188. If you need anything please just call.

The address is Urbanização Torricentro, block 17, number 301. As soon as you enter Praia de Quiaios, you will start seing buildings all very similar and mine is the water green one, right across Bar/Restaurant Nautic, which is in front of the beach. When you get there (directions are easy if you write "Urbanização Torricentro, Figueira da Foz" in Google Maps)  you should pick up the key in Nautic Bar (+351965125136 or +351233910869) with Mr Vítor Ferreira. I will let him know you are going.

Be aware the Nautic is usually open from 10am until 11pm and may be closed for the whole day outside the summer period.

If you prefer, there is also a key next to the front door, inside this safe:

To open and close you just need to dial in: CLEAR 2016 OPEN.

You should pick up and leave the keys there. Check in is after 2pm and check out until 12, since other guests will be arriving. Be aware the Nautic is usually open from 10am until 11pm.

The supermarket and restaurants are 3-5 minutes away from the house, you will see themAgain, they may not always be open outside the summer period.The gas station is on the entry of the beach and pharmacy, post and others are in the village of Quiaios 10 minutes away by car.

There are frying pans, pans, cutlery, a coffee machine, oven, grill, barbecue grill, stove, baking trays, ice crusher, can opener, grater, kettle, electric knife, squeezer, and everything you might need in a kitchen. Like it reads on the website, I don't provide towels nor lining.

The light is ready to use, most of the time. If not, it will be behind the mirror next to the front door inside. To start using the water you have a little wooden door at your right before entering the main door (outside the apartment) and you need to turn on the upper tap. Then, to have hot water you have to plug the power of the cilinder in the kitchen on the right.

Swimming pool prices

Up to 11 years old: Free
Adults: 3.5€; and after 4pm, 2€
Weekly pass: 
   Child: Free
   Adult: 17.5€

Some images that might be useful: in "1 Quiaios" and "2 Quiaios" the building is in the pink circle; in "1 Quiaios", Nautic Bar is in the green circle; in "2 Quiaios", is Quiaios Hotel in the blue circle.

1 Quiaios

2 Quiaios

Swimming pool
Swimming pool

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